Tuesday, June 5, 2018

LIVE!! In Olympia

Playing live in the hometown
A VERY Aggressive Healing

Saturday June 9th

Galaxy Research
Abyss of Fathomless Light
Harsh R

Le Voyeur

A Corpse Lingering Among The Living

I made some cassettes of the session I recorded with Duane Lauginiger over at Time Castle Studios.
Edition of 50. High Bias Chrome.
Printed on Vellum
Mastered by Tim Green at Louder Studios

email me if you want one:

Abyss of Fathomless Light
A Corpse Lingering Among the Living

Side A
Bloodless Shadow
Blighted Virgins
A Minor Adventurer in an Era of Increasing Absolutism

Side B
Give Us The Tools
Skeleton of a Fascist Chained to a Machine Gun
Noble Savage